Hey DAB Acting Members! Hope you're having a great day.

This is a weird subject to talk about, but if you've done a voiceover you'll get what I'm saying. I've done voiceovers in the past and they have sounded "spitty" and not crisp and clear like I want.

Here's some things that can help you solve this problem!

1. Eat an apple 🍎

This can help dry out your mouth and control moisture.

2. Drink water 💦

This one is obvious, but make sure you have some water by you in the booth.

3. Turn down your sound gain (levels)👇🏼

When you're picking up a lot of extra noise, it could be because your sound levels are turned up too high. Try lowering everything and see if you can still hear the extra noise.

4. Warm up your mouth ❤️

Try some vocal warm ups. I've linked some of my favorites in past forum posts!

Let me know if these help you in anyway!

-Dacey Else🎭