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How to have high energy in your 2nd/3rd weekend of shows?

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  • How to have high energy in your 2nd/3rd weekend of shows?

    Hello to all my theatre nerds! If you have been in a play before, I'm sure you know the struggle when you get to the 2nd/3rd weekend of shows after preforming dozens of times. Naturally, our energy begins to fall back because we are not producing as much adrenaline as opening weekend. I have a system to get myself excited for every show no matter how many times I've preformed it. Here's what I do:

    1. Get as much sleep and possible

    The less you sleep the more that exhaustion will show up on stage. Also, try to chill out a few hours before you have to leave for your show. Take a nap or watch TV so you're well-rested for your performance!

    2. Every audience is brand new!

    Something I try to remember when preforming is that every single audience is brand new. Even though you've seen this show hundreds of times in rehearsal, this is their first time seeing this come to life. Thinking about this always inspires me to put in 100% effort on every show.

    3. Warm Up a few minutes before going on

    Warming up your voice and your body can get some adrenaline moving and get you excited to act! I'm attaching a guide that I found for some warm-ups you can do backstage.

    4. Drink caffeine...

    This might be bad advice, but if you drink a soda/coffee as you're doing your makeup, the caffeine can be a quick fix if you're really struggling to get through a show. I've had to do this a couple of times

    5. Listen to some uplifting music!

    This one works great for me. You can either listen to your favorite music in the car, as you get ready, or with headphones right before your entrance. I have a lot of friends who do this also!

    That's all I have! Anyone else have some tips?
    Vocal coach and Backstage Expert Arden Kaywin explains the importance for singers to warm up their bodies even before their voices!