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  • Basic Stage Makeup Products

    Hey DAB Acting Members! I've been acting onstage for awhile, and I've gathered a list of the typical products that a director will ask you to have for "Basic Stage Makeup". Let me know if you guys have any different kinds of products down below👇🏼

    Here's a list:

    1) Foundation that's a shade darker than your skin tone
    2) Concealer to cover up blemishes and under-eye circles
    3) Powder! It's very important to set in all your liquid makeup
    4) Thick Eyeliner, liquid or pencil version works
    5) Blush! The more the better usually. Helps you look like you're not "dead" onstage
    5) Eyebrow pencil or eyeshadow that matches your eyebrows to fill them in
    6) Mascara for eyelashes
    7) Lipstick! Again, you usually want to go kind of dark with your color

    That's usually the essentials! This works for both boys and girls 🎭