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How to direct actors in horror films!

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  • How to direct actors in horror films!

    Last year, I directed a film called "Cutting Edge Beaty" (I'll link it in this post) that was a horror film with a teen cast. I had a super talented group of people.

    Something that I didn't expect going in is directing for horror is difficult. Even with the most amazing cast, I still was having a hard time coming up with direction that didn't sound like "Look scared.." or "Just look like you're crying.."

    A tip that really helped me was taking time with the actor you're working with. Instead of rushing to film as soon as they arrive onset, give them some time to read lines with you and get an idea of what has happened to their character. Ask your actor questions about their own past experiences and see if they can relate to something that is happening with their character.

    Some of the best advice I've ever received from a director role model, is to never blame the actor for their performance. It's ALWAYS the director's responsibility to help the actor reach a point where they understand who they're playing.

    Anybody else directed horror?

    -Dacey Else🎭

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    I had a great time being the Director of Photography on this film! It is so true that you can't rush your actors into the shoot and you should give them time to develop there character.


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      Yep! It was definitely a fun project.