The Rule Of Thirds:

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The rule of thirds is framing up your subject(The subject is what you want the audience looking at it could be an actor object etc) the rule of thirds is like making a Tic Tac Toe board on your image and placing your subject on the intersecting lines(Sorry for the ugly circles I was trying to show you what I was talking about😂) So when you place your subject on those lines it makes your image more interesting to look at. You obviously don't always have to do this but it is nice to do sometimes instead of placing your subject right in the center of the frame.

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If you're filming on an Iphone there is actually a setting in the camera section where you can make those lines appear on your screen when you're filming which makes it easier to place your subject there!

That was a basic rundown on the Rule Of Thirds stay tuned for more filmmaking tips!

-Aiden Else
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